Donna C. UPR MARLBORO, MD / Sep 09, 2019, 05:26

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    I'm Wrecking this company very poor parrot. my car was scheduled to be picked up in Oklahoma brought to Maryland on Sunday someone stayed home the entire day waiting for the driver I still haven't received a phone call on time when my car will be picked up. they have pulled the deposit out of my account but yet haven't picked up my car. I called the main line I have called the driver but yet neither has returned a phone call.

    In the end I was happy Ship a car's service. My vehicle was delivered in good condition. Just a miss communication. Thank You

Company Response

Customer contacted Ship A Car inc on Friday 9/6/19 and scheduled a pick up on Sunday 9/8/19. Customer signed our contract and was giving the carriers information for pick up. On Sunday 9/8/19 the carrier broke down and was unable to transport the customers vehicle. Unfortunately, on Sundays, Ship A Car Inc is closed the entire day. The customer tried to contact us and did not received a response until Monday 9/9/19. On Monday 9/9/19 Ship A Car Inc contacted the customer and rescheduled a different carrier to transport the vehicle. The customers vehicle was picked up on 9/10/19 and delivered on 9/12/19.

Ship A Car Inc. Sep 18, 2019